The benefits of black tea on your health

Let’s talk about black tea, the most popular type of tea around the world. It’s not only a great tasting and relaxing drink – it can also bring you many health benefits, backed up by medical studies from around the world.

Read below and find out about the benefits of black tea:

What are the benefits of black tea?

Black tea has antioxidant properties

Black tea is a rich source of polyphenols, plant-derived compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

A study on antioxidants in black tea has shown that they are a potential weapon in the fight against LDL cholesterol and blood sugar, preventing future problems such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Black tea improves heart health

In addition to polyphenols, black tea also contains flavonoids, another group of antioxidants with beneficial effects on the heart.

According to one study, people who drank a cup of black tea every day for a year had up to a 10% lower risk of heart disease than people who did not drink tea during that period.

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Black tea can reduce LDL cholesterol levels in the blood

A study on the effects of drinking black tea has shown that it has effects including on ‘bad’ cholesterol (or LDL cholesterol) in the body. Thus, people who consumed black tea regularly had a reduced LDL cholesterol level of about 4.64mg/dL. This effect was most pronounced in people who had an increased cardiovascular risk.

Black tea improves intestinal health

The polyphenols in black tea are also beneficial in maintaining digestive health. They fight harmful microbes and bacteria in the body, and could thus improve gut health or even prevent certain inflammatory bowel diseases. However, more studies are needed to draw clear conclusions about the role of black tea in the health of our digestive system.

Black tea reduces blood pressure

Black tea could also be beneficial for those experiencing high blood pressure.

During a medical study, a group of people suffering from high blood pressure were able to lower their systolic blood pressure by up to 4.81 mmHg and their diastolic blood pressure by 198 mmHg through regular consumption of green and black tea.

Black tea can lower blood sugar

Research shows that black tea may help lower blood sugar after eating, and is one way to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. A short study on this topic showed that in a group of 24 people (some without diabetes and some with), people who drank black tea after a high-sugar drink had much lower blood sugar levels than people who did not drink black tea.

Black tea could reduce cancer risk

Some studies support the theory that black tea may help prevent some cancers. Polyphenols, through their antioxidant properties, help cell health, and may slow the growth of cancer cells.

A study on another type of tea, namely green tea, showed that people who consumed the highest amount of green tea over a period of time had up to 22% lower risk of endometrial cancer. So far there are no similar studies on black tea. However, the two types of tea have similar properties, so drinking black tea also has the potential to help prevent endometrial cancer.

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