1. About the policy for the use of cookies:

The present policy of Cookies targets the Internet pages owned by CARDIOSCIENCE SRL (referred to as Dahna).

Dahna and its partners use various technologies for the gathering and storage of information when you visit a service, and this may include the use of cookies or similar technologies to identify your browser or device. Also, we use these technologies to collect and to store information when you interact with services that we offer to our partners, such as services of advertising that may appear on other web sites.


  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files written to a website that are stored locally in the browser, computer or your mobile device.

They are installed in the equipment used by you and do not act like a program. They are passive files, which are not a danger, do not fall into the category of viruses and cannot access the content of your system.


  1. What is their role? What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used to offer certain features for each user of the site, and, they allow us to improve the web page and the experience of each user. They contribute to the way relevant advertising is delivered to you while you visit Dahnapp.com, help in storing the products that you have in your shopping cart on the website or they can keep a login session active, if you opt for not closing the session.


  1. What kind of cookies does Dahnapp.com use?

Regarding Dahnapp.com, you will interact with 2 types of cookies: those that strictly refer to the navigation sessions and the fixed ones, that remain in the terminal of the user. The session ones are active only while the user visits the Dahnapp.com site or until they close the navigation session. The fixed ones are stored in the memory of the terminal and remain there until manually deleted by the user. There is the possibility to be deleted from the settings or preferences of the browser or with the help of maintenance programs for the operating system.

The cookies on the Dahnapp.com website do not request the personal data of the users and in most cases, they do not identify the users. What cookies collect is information strictly used to offer certain features, and the encryption system of this information makes it so that the decoding and processing by unauthorised third parties is not possible.

The purposes of the cookies are the following:

site performance cookies

user analysis cookies

geotargeting cookies

registration cookies

advertising cookies


  1. How to delete cookies?

In most cases, an interface that allows the users to connect to the internet will have from the start activated the option to save the website cookies, but most of the times, the pages that you visit will notify you regarding your acceptance or refusal to store these files on the system.

Also, each web browser offers in settings either the option to block any cookie without being asked, or the option of being notified each time such a file is saved on your system. Many preferential settings can be made in the options of the web browser that you use, but any restriction of these cookies can lead to the faulty or incomplete functioning of the web page that you visit.

Another option for the clearing of cookies are the maintenance programs for the operating system, which in most cases offer the option of deleting for you the cookies from all or some of the browsers that you use.

To understand these settings, the following links can be useful, or you can use the ‘help’ option of the browser for more details.

For the cookies settings, you can also consult the site:



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