These Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) establish the conditions according to which Cardioscience srl, based in Bucharest, Str. Hatmanul Arbore, No. 15-19, Office No. 4, Et. 2, Apt. 209, Sector 1, Unique Registration Code: 38882485, registered at the Trade Registry Office next to the Bucharest Court under no. J40/2293/2018, e-mail: office@cardioscience.ro (hereinafter referred to as “Cardioscience”) provides its software and services through the website https://dahnapp.com/en/ or any other sites controlled or operated by Cardioscience, as well as through the “Dahna” application for mobile devices (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Service”) for you, as a user of the Service (hereinafter referred to as “You.” or “The User”).


The Dahna (Diet According to the Healthy Nutritional Approach) application is created by and belongs to CARDIOSCIENCE with all property rights.



By creating an account as a User of the Service (by providing your e-mail address and setting a password), necessary to use the Service, including the Dahna Application, as well as by using the Service in any other way, you express your consent to enter legal relations with Cardioscience, relations governed by the provisions of this Agreement, in the last updated version, existing on the date of creation of the Account, and in this sense you are obliged to fully respect the provisions of the Agreement and expressly and unequivocally accept both the terms and conditions of use ( Agreement), as well as Cardioscience’s Personal Data Processing Policy https://www.cardioscience.ro/politica-de-confidentialitate/ , which is an integral part of this Agreement . If you do not agree with the Agreement and/or the Personal Data Processing Policy, please delete the Application and do not use the Service.

By creating and using the account, the User assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the account data (User name and password) and for managing access to the account, and is responsible for the activity carried out through his account.

By registering as a User of the Service, you declare under your own responsibility and guarantee that:

(i) you are over 18 years old;

(ii) the information provided by you for registration is accurate, current and complete;

(iii) Your registration as a User and the use of the Service are not prohibited by law.

In the event that you violate any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Cardioscience reserves the right to suspend or permanently interrupt the provision of the Service to you, with or without your notification in this regard.


Cardioscience reserves the right to modify this Agreement, following that such modifications will enter into force by updating the Agreement. PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY AND PERIODICALLY CHECK ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO BE AWARE OF ANY CHANGES.



The terms used in this Agreement shall have the following meanings:


“Dahna” (Diet According to the Healthy Nutritional Approach) hereinafter simply called the “Application” represents a software, including its graphic interface, on which Cardioscience holds all the copyrights, designed to be run on a computer equipment mobile, of the smartphone type, and which is distributed by Cardioscience, according to its own business policies, through online stores (App Store, Magazine Play, Amazon, Microsoft Store), through the website www.dahnapp.com ( hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). The application has two versions – the free version and the monetized version (with money). The free version of the Application involves the display of advertisements in certain areas of the User interface and does not grant the User access to all the functionalities of the Application, while the monetized version of the Application is characterized, in addition to the lack of advertisements, by the existence of additional functionalities (of which we mention, for example, a functionality through which the risk of cardiovascular disease can be estimated, or ordering the entire daily menu recommended by the Application from restaurant suppliers).

“User” means any natural person over 18 years of age who uses the Service (the software and services made available by Cardioscience through the website https://dahnapp.com/en/ or any other websites controlled or operated by Cardioscience, including through the “Dahna” Application for mobile devices).

“The Service” means the set of services and/or products (eg Dahna software) offered by Cardioscience for use by the User through the website https://dahnapp.com/en/ or any other sites controlled or operated by Cardioscience , as well as through the “Dahna” Application for mobile devices.

User Content ” means any and all information, data, photographs, text, graphics, video and other materials that a User submits to Cardioscience as part of their registration as a User of the Service or that is posted by the User as a result of using the Service .

“Partner” – means any professional and/or legal entity that carries out commercial or other activities and that has a contract with Cardioscience, which are listed under this category of Cardioscience.

” Cardioscience” means the holder of all rights with respect to the Service, including copyright and any other intellectual/industrial property rights with respect to the Dahna Service/Application, including with respect to Dahna Content and/or associated computer programs, and the Partners and Users will not dispute or dispute, directly or indirectly, during the development of the contractual relations and after the termination of the Agreement, any of these rights or their validity.



The Dahna application can be downloaded and installed on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems from the dedicated stores Play store – for Android, respectively iTunes – for iOS).

Operating systems and Internet browsers may behave differently depending on factors related to their differentiation, and Cardioscience does not guarantee the full functionality of the Application. Please keep in mind that sometimes malfunctions may occur that cardioscience will try to remedy as much as possible. the user will be informed about these situations through the communication channels that Cardioscience has available.

Cardioscience has no responsibility regarding any errors that may appear in the use of the Application that are due to defects, errors or non-compliance with the legal provisions that regulate the use of services, in general, and telecommunications services, in particular.

As a customer, it is possible to have access to the Dahna application through a third party organization such as your employer or one of the Cardioscience Partners.



Dahna is an original application dedicated to the adoption of a healthy lifestyle by offering a professional, very fast and efficient method of creating Mediterranean diet menus for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the risk of cardiometabolic diseases. DAHNA is a mobile application for a healthy heart created based on the expertise of professionals in cardiology and nutritional diseases and diabetes in Romania and in accordance with the recommendations of the latest guidelines dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases of the European Society of Cardiology and the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology . The application can be downloaded on any mobile phone, regardless of the operating system. With DAHNA any user can create their own cardiometabolic profile and, based on their personal data, calculate their risk for cardiovascular events for the next 10 years using the SCORE-2/SCORE-2 OP risk scores (for European countries) or the Framingham score (for the USA and other countries that use this score). The app automatically targets one of these scores based on the user’s country of residence. The user thus finds out whether he is at low/medium/high or very high risk and, following this result, the application recommends the user to refer to specialist doctors for appropriate lifestyle interventions and/or treatment.

At the same time DAHNA is an excellent tool for correcting a major risk factor which is unhealthy diet. This is because DAHNA automatically offers healthy menus built on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, a diet recommended as class IA by the guidelines of the professional medical societies mentioned above. These menus are customized according to the user’s metabolic profile. DAHNA also automatically creates the list of ingredients needed down to the last gram, a list systematized by the shopping sectors of any supermarket/grocery store. Having this list the user will save a lot of time either by going to the supermarket knowing exactly what and in what quantities he will buy or by sending the list of ingredients directly to the companies specialized in providing food ingredients at home. In the very near future these facilities will be extended to the ordering and delivery of personalized menus either at the user’s home or workplace.


At the same time, the user constantly receives educational materials about healthy lifestyle and can periodically reevaluate his cardiometabolic profile and, through it, the evolution of his risk score for cardiovascular events.


DAHNA has a global applicability due to the existence of the English version, the one for the blind and the very friendly design. The application can be downloaded by anyone on the mobile phone in just two minutes and the whole process from entering the data for the cardiometabolic profile and designating the personalized menus takes no more than 5 minutes.

In short, Dahna is a very friendly application that can significantly contribute to improving the health of the population by adopting a healthy diet, strongly recommended by professionals as effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases. All the information in the Application is a recommendation, not mandatory.

The application itself is also intended to be a tool for educating the population and raising awareness of the adoption of a healthy lifestyle by using the appropriate diet to achieve the prevention of cardiometabolic diseases. The diet and nutrition information included in the Dahna application is documented by nutrition guides and specialized articles. Currently, this information presented in a language accessible to any user is a recommendation and not mandatory.

The application is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide therapeutic solutions or diagnostic assistance. The app is not a medical device.

The user declares that he has been informed and agrees that the use of the Application does not in any case and for any reason replace the consultation of the specialist doctor, who is the only competent person to establish a diagnosis and provide the right recommendations for the person’s state of health.

The application in no way represents an opinion or a medical recommendation and should not be considered as a diagnostic or therapeutic tool. For medical recommendations, we advise Users to consult a nutritionist and/or specialist.



Currently, the Dahna application allows Users to access the main functionalities such as:

Cardiometabolic profile creation

After the User account is created, the personal data that creates the cardiometabolic profile is entered, the degree of cardiometabolic disease risk is calculated for the next 10 years, the application calculates the risk for cardiovascular events for the next 10 years using the SCORE-2/SCORE- risk scores 2 OP (for European countries) or the Framingham score (for the USA and other countries that use this score). The app automatically targets one of these scores based on the user’s country of residence. The user thus finds out whether he is at low/medium/high or very high risk and, following this result, the application recommends the user to refer to specialist doctors for appropriate lifestyle interventions and/or treatment.


BMI calculation

BMI body mass index, based on this cardiometabolic profile, personalized menus are assigned, with related networks.


Establishing the optimal level of daily hydration

An algorithm in the Application custom calculates the optimal daily hydration requirement, information continuously displayed in the “My Profile” section.


Change in body weight

An algorithm in the Application custom calculates the optimal daily calorie and macronutrient requirement and assigns the related menus according to this objective in the sense of the controlled reduction of the body mass index, information displayed in the “My Profile” section.


Assignment of personalized daily menus

Depending on your own metabolic profile, personalized daily menus are assigned, with the caloric requirements and macronutrients you need every day.


Generate list of ingredients

After assigning the menus, depending on the metabolic profile, the User selects his favorite ones, adds them to the list and immediately the list is created with the ingredients he needs, exactly in the necessary quantities, to prepare the recipes that make up the daily meals. With this list goes shopping.


Access/View videos with physical activity

In the application, you can access short media files with the trainer Diana Stejareanu who exemplifies/performs physical activities of different levels.


Use of the Application by people with vision problems

Voice over functionality to use the Application by listening to text-type information by Users with visual impairments.


Send in-app notifications

Through in-app notifications, the User can be informed about the latest research and recommendations of cardiologists and nutritionists; with the help of these notifications, he is reminded of the next day’s menu and what is the status regarding the objective set in the Application.


Cardiovascular disease risk estimation – * only in the case of the monetized version After creating the cardiometabolic profile, the user finds out if he is at low/medium/high or very high risk and following this result, the application recommends addressing the user to specialist doctors with a view to lifestyle interventions and /or appropriate treatment.


Order daily menu from restaurant supplier partners – * only in the case of the monetized version , the list of ingredients can be ordered directly from companies specialized in providing food ingredients at home.



If you purchase any monetized Service, either once or on a subscription basis, you assume the firm obligation to pay their fee to Cardioscience and authorize Magazine Play belonging to Google through Google Pay and through the iOS platform to withdraw the amounts representing the fees from your card banking.

The rates for using the Application, in the monetized version, are:

[ 200] lei – for a single period of [12] months;


[30] lei, based on a monthly subscription, valid for one calendar month.

All financial operations and payments made for the purchase of the ad-free version of the Application are processed by Play Stores belonging to Google through Google Pay and through the iOS platform. The fees and commissions charged for these operations are not borne by the Users, but by CARDIOSCIENCE.

Cardioscience does not have access to and does not collect information related to the User’s financial transactions. The User’s payment information is stored in the Store Play systems belonging to Google and through the iOS platform, which are also responsible for the security of transactions made with the User’s card.




CARDIOSCIENCE reserves the right to terminate the use of any User account or any password, either chosen by you or assigned by Cardioscience, at any time, in case of violation of this Agreement or in case of suspected fraud.



By requesting the Service on a subscription basis, you agree that the subscription you choose will be renewed periodically, automatically.

If you do not notify Cardioscience of the termination of your subscription prior to the expiration of its duration (initial or extended), you agree to its automatic renewal and agree that you owe the subscription fee and authorize Play Magazine/iTUNES to charge you the fee and to charge you its equivalent for the renewal period.

The automatic renewal period will be equal to the original subscription period, unless a different period is communicated to you at the time of purchase of the subscription. If we do not notify you of a rate change prior to the automatic renewal of the subscription, the rate for the new subscription will be the same as that for the immediately preceding subscription period, excluding any previously granted promotional price and discount, which will no longer apply to the rate of renewal.

Cardioscience may offer from time to time a free subscription to test the monetized version of the Application. If you register for a free trial subscription, when the free trial period expires, you will start using the paid subscription and authorize Play Magazine, respectively iTunes to withdraw the subscription fee from your account banking , unless you inform Cardioscience that you no longer wish to use the subscription before the free trial period expires.




The operation of the Application is conditioned by an internet connection (WIFI or mobile data) of the phone and the optimal functioning of the device on which the Application runs. Cardioscience does not assume any obligation and will not be responsible for the inability of Users to use the Application as a result of the fact that the User’s device does not have access to the Internet or has run out of battery.

The User’s access to the Application is made through the authentication method provided in the Application, as it appears provided in the dedicated stores Play store – for Android, respectively Itunes – for iOS. Two versions of the application are offered for download: the monetized version at the price displayed in the online store and the free version with ads assigned by Google. The assignment of advertisements in the free version of the Application is not carried out by Cardioscience, but by Google.


The addressed permissions are mandatory requirements requested by the operating systems, and Cardioscience does not assume responsibility for the unauthorized, incompatible with the purpose mentioned above, abusive or illegal use of the mentioned data, the User expressly declaring that he exonerates Cardioscience for any such responsibility by downloading the Application and expressing consent to access the data mentioned above.


To guarantee the security of your data, we recommend that you do not disclose your registration data to anyone. Also, to the extent that you have suspicions regarding the disclosure of your registration data, we recommend that you change your account password.


Registering as a User implies accepting the provisions of the Terms and Conditions (Agreement) and the Personal Data Processing Policy of Cardioscience.


After the creation of the account, for the provision of the services offered through the Application, personal data will be collected, as mentioned in the Personal Data Processing Policy https://www.cardioscience.ro/politica-de-confidentialitate/ , such as, but not limited to: valid e-mail, geolocation (in the case of geolocation, you can change the settings on your device, but there is a risk that certain options of the Application will cease or change their functionalities – for example the future Home Delivery functionality).


order for the Application to function optimally, it is necessary for the user to allow it to access certain functions of the phone, according to the requests received through system messages within the Application ex activation of notifications, location (GPS), as well as other functions that can be added during the development of the Application, according to the message received through it. It is absolutely assumed that the User has expressly given his consent for the use of the new functions of the Application if the User continues to use the Application after its modification by supplementing its functionalities.


Regarding geo-location as a future requirement, please keep in mind that if you do not choose for geo-location to work only when the Application is open, or if you do not close it manually after closing the Application, it will continue to run in the background of your phone, still providing geo location data. At the same time, if you decide not to allow access to geolocation, certain functionalities of the Application (home delivery) will be accessible in a limited way (for example, the Application will not allow you to identify the partner restaurants that are in your vicinity, but you will only be able to access their list, in alphabetical order).



To be informed about how your data is processed, please read the Personal Data Processing Policy, available here ( https://www.cardioscience.ro/politica-de-confidentialitate which is an integral part of this document.




You may refer to the Application through a link, as long as you do so in a fair manner, which does not harm the reputation of Cardioscience and which does not take advantage of our reputation for personal purposes.

You may not create a link in such a way as to suggest in any way any form of association, approval or support on our part when there is no such situation. You must not establish a link to the Application within a website that does not belong to you. We reserve the right to withdraw the right to create a link to our website without prior notice.

If you want to use content from the CARDIOSCIENCE website outside of the above situations, please contact us by email at office@cardioscience.ro





Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Cardioscience authorizes you to use the Service for personal, non-commercial purposes. You may not remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices that have been placed on the Service.

You agree and warrant that Your use of the Service will be consistent with the license, permissions and restrictions set forth herein, will not violate the rights of any third party, or violate any contractual or legal obligations. In addition, you undertake to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the Service or your use of it and that you will be solely responsible for any breach of legal obligations in your use of the Service.

In order to use the Application and access the Service in general, obtaining the equipment and bearing the cost of the necessary telecommunications services, as well as all the fees associated with them (eg the purchase of the smartphone with a functional operating system that also includes an Internet browser, the licenses which are required, as well as ensuring the connection to the Internet), fall under the exclusive responsibility of the User.


We reserve the right to implement any changes to the Service at any time, with or without notice. You agree that certain actions of Cardioscience may affect or prevent you from accessing the Service at certain times and/or in the same manner, temporarily or permanently, and you agree that Cardioscience assumes no liability with respect to such actions or their results, including but not limited to the deletion or inability to make any content of the Application or Service available to you.


The application, its component elements, graphic elements, as well as its content, the content of the website https://dahnapp.com/ro/ or of any other sites controlled or operated by Cardioscience, such as, but without the limit to the photos, texts, animations and all works integrated in the Application and/or websites are protected by copyright and related rights, as well as the intellectual property rights belonging to Cardioscience or to third parties who have authorized Cardioscience to use them, with the exception of the case in which it is not specified otherwise. The user understands that he does not have no right over them, except for the limited right to install and use the Application, according to this Agreement.

The name “Dahna”, the Dahna logo, are registered trademarks of Cardioscience. All rights are reserved.

All company names, registered or unregistered brands, service/trade/product brands, trade names, logos and logos are protected by the applicable rules on intellectual property rights. The User is prohibited from using any text, image, brand, logo, compilations (collection, arrangement and assembly of information), data, other content, software and materials displayed in the Application belonging to CARDIOSCIENCE, its Partners or other third parties, unless have previously obtained the written consent of the owners.


You can download and use the Application exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes, for which CARDIOSCIENCE will grant a non-exclusive and limited license for this purpose. Thus, the following are prohibited:

using the Application/Service for illegal purposes;


selling, exporting, licensing, applying reverse engineering methods, modifying, copying , redistributing, uploading, posting, transmitting, distributing or exploiting in any other way the Service or any part of the Service or Application without the prior written consent of CARDIOSCIENCE;


creating derivative works, sub-licensing, lending or using the Application, the software underlying the Application or any of its other components for other purposes;


otherwise making the Application available so that a third party can copy it.


republishing the materials uploaded in the Application (including republishing on various online and/or offline sites or platforms);


the public presentation of any materials uploaded in the Application; reproducing, copying or exploiting the materials uploaded in the Application for commercial purposes;



The information you submit to us as part of your registration as a User of the Service and any data, photos, text (eg comments, suggestions, ideas), graphics, video and other materials that you send to Cardioscience or that you post as resulting from your use of the Service (“User Content”) remain your intellectual property. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree that Cardioscience may retain copies of all registration information and User Content that it may use as reasonably necessary for or in connection with the operation of the Service as described in the Agreement and Personal Data Processing Policy, and in this sense you grant Cardioscience the exclusive, territorially unlimited, transferable, perpetual, irrevocable right to use, adapt, integrate in other works the materials transmitted by you, for any purpose, to publish, distribute, publicly display and use User Content in connection with the Service, and in accordance with Cardioscience’s Personal Data Processing Policy.

It is forbidden for the User to post vulgar, threatening or indecent information, as well as content that violates the rights of a third party or that contains viruses or other harmful materials. The texts/information/images and in general any materials posted within the Service must: (i) not include licentious, immoral or antisocial content; (ii) not to harm in any way the brands, products or image of Cardioscience; (iii) not to contain defamatory details, words or symbols that are offensive in general or directly to people of a certain race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic group; (iv) not to contain threats to any third person, place, business or group, not to infringe the privacy, right to private life and/or other rights of any third person, company or entity and not to violate in any other way the legislation and applicable regulations; (v) be realistic, without texts, logos or any other materials that involve copyright or any other protected rights that do not belong to the User.




The services offered by the PARTNERS are individually individualized in the Application, are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective Partner and can be purchased by you directly from it, through the Application, only by your acceptance of additional terms and conditions, belonging to the respective Partner .


Purchases of services offered in the Application by other Partners are mediated by CARDIOSCIENCE. Any contractual relationship will be concluded directly between you and the respective Partner, according to their commercial terms and policies.


We select with the greatest attention and care the Partners whose services are presented to you through the Application and we perform periodic quality checks. However, CARDIOSCIENCE does not offer any warranty, express or implied, and does not assume any legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, quality of services, or recommendations of third parties. Cardioscience does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability or obligation in connection with any transaction between you and any third party service provider.


In the event of a dispute between you and any third party, you agree that you will not be able to claim any direct or indirect damages from Cardioscience arising from such a dispute.

Any requests, requests for information or complaints regarding the services provided by PARTNERS will be addressed to them or, if you decide to send them to CARDIOSCIENCE, they will be redirected by us to the responsible person. For more information and details, we recommend that you access the Terms and Conditions of each Partner, available on their websites.

The responsibility of CARDIOSCIENCE in the relationship with the Partners

CARDIOSCIENCE has the capacity of a third party in relation to the User regarding the services or products provided by the Cardioscience Partners or any other suppliers to whom Cardioscience facilitates access or who provide services to the Users.

During the development of the activity and the functionalities of the Application, Cardioscience may enter into partnerships (permanent or temporary) with other service providers, not included in the Cardioscience Partner Network, and you, as a User, will have access (free or for a fee) to their services , through the Application.


Cardioscience is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for the quality of services provided or products provided by its Partners or other third parties. Also, discounts, offers and promotions are offered directly by Partners or third parties, who retain at all times the quality of supplier/service provider and who assume the obligations related to the delivered products/services provided (for example but not limited to : compliance, warranty, respect of the User’s rights as a buyer, acceptance and conditions of service).


Cardioscience does not assume responsibility for the content and offers of web pages that are not its property, to which any links from the Application or Service lead, nor for the content published by Customers on any other sites controlled or operated by Cardioscience (by eg Reviews, various comments, etc.).

Taking into account the legislation in force, Cardioscience has no responsibility regarding:


the erroneous information provided by the User. He has the possibility of correcting his personal data at any time either directly, from the created account, or by contacting Cardioscience in this regard, at the contact data available on our website or in the Application;


the possibility of contacting viruses by using the Service/Application or by receiving informative or promotional e-mails;


the inconvenience caused by the interruption of access to the Service or the Application due to the internet service provider (ISP);


the content or nature of the sites through the links through which a User reaches the Application.


the quality of services/products provided or provided to Users by various Partners or third parties.




The user expresses his agreement to access and use the Application/Service at his own risk. Therefore, Cardioscience, its affiliated companies, its employees, agencies or any other party involved in the design, development, management and maintenance of the Application/Service, cannot be held liable for any kind of direct or indirect damage and especially for material damage, loss of data or programs, financial damage, resulting from access or use of the Application/Service, or from the impossibility of using the Application/Service or any material published in the Application/Service or added by other users.

The full content of the Application/Service must be taken “as is”, the User being aware that no express or implied warranty is offered by Cardioscience such as, but not limited to, the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or certainty of any content made available through the Service/Application, any guarantees of merchantability, association with a particular purpose and non-infringement of the rights of certain persons . Users are responsible for verifying any information before relying on it. The use of the Application/Service is the sole responsibility of the User.


Cardioscience makes every effort to ensure your access to the most correct information, but we cannot guarantee that the Service/Application has no errors, nor that there will be no errors or omissions in its/their content. Also, we cannot guarantee that the Service/Application and its content will be permanently accessible, without interruptions. The user understands and agrees that the Cardioscience company will not respond in the event that the Application and/or Service cannot be accessed, regardless of the reason or duration of the impossibility of access.


Likewise, we will not be responsible for any damage caused due to a virus, denial-of-services or distributed denial-of-services attack, as well as due to any other type of technological material that would infect your equipment (computer or the mobile terminal), Your IT system, Your data as a result of using the Service or other websites to which there are links on our website.


Cardioscience does not guarantee that the Service and/or Application will be secure or virus-free. The user is responsible for configuring IT systems for access to the Service/Application and for using their own anti-virus software. You must not misuse the Application, introducing viruses, trojans, worms or other materials that can create technological problems. You must not try to gain unauthorized access to the Application or allow it to be accessed by a third party.


Denial-of-services or distributed denial-of-services attacks are not allowed . By violating this provision, you commit a crime according to Romanian law and we will report any such violation to the competent investigative authorities and we will cooperate with the authorities by providing your identity to them. In the event of such a violation, your right to use the Application and the Service ceases immediately.

It is possible for the Application to have an interactive functionality, which allows Users to share information about the menus/cardiometabolic profile with friends/third parties, for example in chat areas and blogs. The user will use this functionality of the Application at his own risk.

Cardioscience does not edit or control the User Content that is posted or distributed in various interactive areas of the Application and/or Service (blogs/chats), nor will it be in any way responsible for the User Content. Cardioscience will not be responsible for any loss or damage that any person may suffer as a result of using these interactive functions (chat/blog/forum) of the Application. Users are solely responsible for any damage caused by their activity. However, Cardioscience will make every effort to remove posted materials that do not comply with this Agreement, without having an obligation in this regard.

The application in no way represents an opinion or a medical recommendation and should not be considered as a diagnostic or therapeutic tool. The application does not in any case and for any reason replace the consultation of the specialist doctor or nutritionist, who is the only competent person to establish a diagnosis and provide the right recommendations for the User’s state of health. For medical recommendations, we advise Users to consult a doctor/nutritionist.


A healthy lifestyle requires not only the adoption of a proper diet, but also physical exercises performed regularly, giving up harmful habits (smoking, alcohol consumption), all of this in balance with moments of sleep and rest. You agree that your dieting and exercise activities involve risks, which may involve the risk of personal injury or death, and that you assume those risks. You should consult a nutritionist or your family doctor before starting or changing any diet or exercise program you undertake and you acknowledge that you have been advised of the need to obtain such advice. The service can also be used by pregnant women under the guidance of the family doctor.

Cardioscience makes no commitment regarding (a) the appropriateness of Your engagement in a weight loss program; (b) the results (or lack of results) obtained from your use of the Service; and (c) any health-related issues arising in connection with your use of the Service. In no event shall Cardioscience be liable for any death or personal injury you suffer or cause to any third party in connection with your use of the Service or any diet, exercise or other activity you undertake in connection with the use of the Service.



Cardioscience may revise the terms and conditions of use, as well as any other applicable terms at any time by modifying the relevant pages. The terms and conditions may undergo any change, without prior notification, being made known by displaying directly in the Application and/or on the websites operated or controlled by Cardioscience. Please check the relevant pages for any changes to the terms and conditions of use, as those changes will apply to you from the time of the update. If you use the Application/Service after a modification, it is assumed that you have accepted the modified Terms and Conditions.


Cardioscience reserves the right to update the Application at any time and to change its content. However, please keep in mind that the Application may not be updated at the time of viewing it and we have no obligation to update it in real time.


Cardioscience makes every effort to provide you with all versions of the Terms and Conditions applicable to you. However, if you do not identify the version that interests you, please contact us at any of the contact details on the website, and a the operator will provide you with any version of the Terms and Conditions by e-mail as soon as possible.



Regarding the use of cookies, please read the Cookie Policy, available here (link), which is an integral part of this document.



CARDIOSCIENCE provides Users with a support team during the period of use of the Application/Service. The support service can be accessed on working days (from Monday to Friday, with the exception of legal holidays) between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., at the contact number 0723189104. The support team answers questions related to the functionality of the Application and questions related to the benefits of CARDIOSCIENCE or on which CARDIOSCIENCE is in control.


The support team cannot answer questions/aspects related to services that are not provided by CARDIOSCIENCE, more than the information already available on the Application, but can redirect you either to the contact point of the Partners who has the necessary information and can provide you with this information.


Romanian law is applicable to the Agreement as well as to any aspects related to or in connection with the content of the Agreement. By accepting the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions, you express your agreement that any aspect or dispute derived from these terms and conditions shall be the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Bucharest, Romania.


If you have any doubts regarding the content of this Agreement, please contact us at office@cardioscience.ro


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