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Dahna is the assistant that challenges you to reinvent your relationship with food.
An application inspired by the Mediterranean diet, which helps you eat correctly, healthily, and cheaply, without losing time.

With the help of the Dahna application, you will learn:

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To eat healthily, and therefore, lose weight or maintain it
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To save time while shopping and preparing food
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Not to throw away food or ingredients
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The Mediterranean food diet

Being based on the traditional cuisine of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean diet is considered by specialists to be the healthiest, having various benefits for health.

Unlike other diets, this is a part of a way of thinking and acting oriented towards durability, with a major impact on the longevity of the individual, protecting the body from diseases such as cardiovascular disease, depression, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, dementia and Parkinson disease.

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Let’s cook
healthy food

Do you know what the basic principles of cooking healthily are? We don’t argue with you, but most of the time, what we know or read from the internet is either wrong or taken out of context. Therefore, we often do the same mistakes daily, which affect our health over time.

Based on this guide, we will try in a first phase to revise some of the most harmful cooking habits and we will see how we can easily correct them, and next establishing a series of healthy principles for cooking, which can be immediately implemented in the daily routine.

Relearn How
to eat
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Now that you are familiar with the basic principles of eating healthily, it is time to get rid of the old habits and do things differently, in other words… relearn to eat.

We will consolidate all the information regarding the Mediterranean diet, from the key ingredients, calories number, and menus, all diverse and tasty. This way, not only will you feel better and save money, but you will also gain a better understanding of how a healthy alimentation looks like.

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The Dahna application

Why use the application Dahna?

200 recipes / 300 daily menus, combined after your taste and needs

In the first phase, the application immediately calculates your daily necessary calories, starting from your physical characteristics (age, sex, height, weight, physical activity), then generates your menus, based on the 200 recipes from the application database.


Automatic shopping list, based on the necessary ingredients

Once the menus are established, Dahna automatically generates the full list of ingredients that you need for preparing the menus. Moreover, to ease your task, you can exclude from this list the ingredients that you already have in your house.


Save precious time

You know how much time you lose in the kitchen and doing groceries, especially when you have to cook for the entire family. With Dahna, this time is reduced considerably, because it creates the shopping list beforehand and it helps you prepare what you chose, in the shortest time and using the healthiest methods.

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Do you want to know what Dahna users think about our application and the Mediterranean diet?


It brings important information for anyone who wishes to understand the importance of nutrition for the health state.

Tomescu Viorela

A useful app that helps you be more organised and eat diversified and healthy food.

Galina Pinteac

Congratulations! Any help for todays busy people is welcome. Not to say that I don’t know what or how to eat, but it is calming to know that you have everything a click away. I, the busy person of today, thank you and I wish you good luck.

Irina Szene

A very good dietician right at your home.

Irina Verinceanu

The simple and actual mode of healthily using your daily caloric budget.

Oana Voinea

It is well structured and saves time.

Ailvia Malcea


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Therefore, with the Dahna application:

You determine your metabolic profile


You have access to 200 recipes/300 daily menus


You get an automatic shopping list


You save precious time


You Eat Healthy

With only
6,99 euros
Or you can download and use the FREE version of the app, available now.
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