Preventing cardiovascular disease helps keep you young

In a world where the fast pace of life is constantly demanding, cardiovascular health is an essential aspect of our overall well-being. More and more studies suggest that preventing cardiovascular disease not only contributes to a longer life, but also to maintaining vitality and youth. So, let’s discover in this article how heart care can be a valuable ally in maintaining a young and active body for the long term.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease corresponds to a low phenotypic age

Cardiovascular health appears to influence not only lifespan but also phenotypic age, suggesting that prevention of heart disease may significantly delay the ageing process.

What is “phenotypic age”?

A little-known fact to most people is that your heart ages at a different rate to your chronological age. Internal, or biological, age is called phenotypic age.

Thus, a 30-year-old person could have a phenotypic age of 50. This can be attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle or genetic factors. One thing is certain – the older the phenotypic age compared to the chronological age, the more prone the person is to conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

What studies tell us about the connection between heart health and phenotypic age

A recent study led by doctors at Columbia University Irving Medical Central in New York, USA, shows us exactly how the two are related.

The study examined the phenotypic age of 6593 women and men, using the most important biological markers of health. Thus, each participant was assigned a phenotypic age value (PhenoAge) as well as the PhenoAgeAccel value, defined as the difference between PhenoAge and chronological age.

A negative PhenoAgeAccel value was thus associated with a healthy heart and a low risk of cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, a positive PhenoAgeAccel value meant a higher risk of heart disease.

Dahna is your ally in preventing cardiovascular disease

“Life’s essential 8” – the basics of a long carefree life

This study measured how healthy each participant’s heart is based on adherence to Life’s Essential 8 framework. This framework outlines 8 steps we can take to improve our body health and age our heart – these are:

  1. A healthy diet
  2. An active lifestyle
  3. Quitting smoking
  4. A healthy sleep schedule
  5. Maintaining body weight
  6. Keeping cholesterol under control
  7. Keeping blood sugar under control
  8. Keeping blood pressure under control

Cardiovascular disease prevention is closely linked to Life’s Essential 8.

The study’s lead author, Nour Makarem, Ph.D., also of Columbia University Irving Medical Center, said in a statement:

“Greater adherence to all 8 Life’s Essential 8 parameters and improved cardiovascular health can slow the body’s aging process and have a lot of long-term benefits.”

Dahna helps you measure the age of your heart!

So, preventing cardiovascular disease by following the steps outlined by Life’s Essential 8 can lead to a long life and slow down the biological ageing process.

The first step to a healthy life and heart is to know your heart age with Dahna. With the algorithm on which our health app is based, you can find out how old your heart is and your risk of cardiovascular disease over a 10-year period. Not only that, but by regularly monitoring health biomarkers such as cholesterol or blood sugar, you can track your heart’s progress towards a lower biological age.

Start your journey to a healthy heart with Dahna!

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