The nutrition app Dahna joins the ESC Amsterdam Congress (August 2023)

We are proud to announce the participation of the Dahna founding team at the Congress organized by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). This Congress is set to take place in Amsterdam between 25-28th of August 2023. We have the unique opportunity to present our nutrition app to one of the largest groups of cardiologists in the world. Hopefully, we will receive valuable feedback from a large number of experts in the field.

We are honored by this opportunity, and we hope it will bring Dahna many long-lasting collaborations!

About the European Society of Cardiology

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the impact of cardiovascular disease worldwide. Founded in 1950, ESC has become one of the most influential and respected medical societies worldwide.

This prestigious organization comprises more than 100,000 scientists, doctors and nurses specializing in all areas of cardiology, united by the same goal – the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

To achieve this goal, the ESC provides the latest research and recommendations in the field of cardiology, so that doctors and patients benefit from the best methods and treatments available. Through congresses, scientific publications, educational programs and awareness initiatives, the ESC constantly raises the standards of cardiological care, not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

It is a great honor that we were invited to participate in this congress. It is proof that our efforts are recognized at an European level.

The Dahna mission

ESC’s mission resonates a lot with the Dahna team, and we want to bring the same medical expertise in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease closer to our users.

The Dahna nutrition app is made for everyone who wants to live a long, healthy life without the stress of doctor visits or expensive treatments. By configuring a metabolic profile based on various factors, the app can predict your risk of developing cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years. The app will then recommend a wide range of personalized menus based on the Mediterranean diet, and will give you all the information you need to keep under control risk factors such as weight, blood sugar, and bad cholesterol levels (HDL) in the blood.

Heart conditions can make us feel helpless, thinking there is no escape, but through the Dahna app, we want to show that you can always take control over your life.

About the ESC Congress in Amsterdam August 25-29, 2023

The Dahna nutrition app and its role in preventing cardiovascular disease will be presented at the ESC Congress in the form of an ePoster and a live demonstration. We would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Anushriya Pant, Yang Qu, Pratintip Lee, Carlos L Alviar and Tianyu Li who will also hold 5 more live demonstrations on the topic of nutrition and heart health alongside us.

Our submission was chosen alongside many others through a rigorous selection process led by cardiology experts. Only projects with the greatest potential and greatest medical value are chosen to be presented at the congress. We, the Dahna team, are proud that our efforts are recognized, and we thank the ESC organization for their trust.

What will be the impact of this congress on our nutrition app?

This Congress gives us an enormous chance to present our application to a large group of cardiology professionals.

We hope to receive valuable feedback and advice on how we can take the app to the next level. We also hope to establish long-term collaborations with other people who want to make a big difference in our community.


Participating in events like the ESC Congress is very important for our team as it helps us increase visibility and trust in the app.

Here at Dahna, we support ESC and are constantly working to bring the same high quality standards to our app, which you can download here or here. We will also continue to bring you useful information in building a healthy lifestyle, which you can access from our Facebook or read directly on our blog.

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