The connection between a smartphone and the nutrition of a healthy heart? The Dahna app

Unhealthy diet has become the major risk factor for early death, recent statistical data are very worrying. Unhealthy diet has overtaken smoking and drugs, diet kills more people than smoking. Unhealthy eating killed 10.4 million people globally in 2017, a fifth of the world’s population, while smoking killed 8 million in the same year.

Globally, every 6 seconds, a patient dies from complications caused by diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. If the current trend is not stopped, more than one billion people will die of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the first half of the 21st century. The prevalence of CVD will be mostly in developing countries and a large proportion will die in middle age.

Our vision Cardioscience, a private company whose main objective is medical education, is a little different, we see that a change in direction is absolutely necessary from using technology to develop specialty care and high-tech medicine, to focusing on using technology to develop primary prevention.

People use their smartphones for many things, but not as much as they could for health, especially managing chronic diseases. While significant work is being done to develop, validate and evaluate these apps, we need to discover innovative ways to effectively use apps in everyday practice, and here we are talking especially about innovation in education and awareness. Digital technology in health is expanding more and more and the integration of health applications in the delivery of clinical care will be essential reaching unsuspected potentials. This was our approach, my husband who has significant experience in medical education and I understood that this was the method to effectively engage in what it means to change unhealthy eating behaviors a smart mobile phone application.

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Why such an application?

The idea of ​​this application appeared spontaneously, during a shopping session, more precisely while my husband and I were leaving a supermarket, unpleasantly impressed by the ultra-processed foods existing in the baskets of our fellow shoppers, thinking what use would be a tool that provides extremely fast shopping list, of healthy foods, with exactly the quantities that each one needs, list generated by healthy menus. predefined and taking into account an own cardiometabolic profile. A useful phone application for everyone who wants to live an active and healthy life, free from cardiovascular diseases or other non-communicable diseases, but also for those who want to save precious time and money. The foundation of the entire construction, the entire algorithm is represented by the recommendations of international medical practice guidelines. As you can see we emphasize the importance of the medical expertise component, the learning component that can create trust for users to be attached to a product created by experts.

The Dahna – Diet According to the Healthy Heart Nutritional Approach application is intended for those who will prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases through a healthy lifestyle, but especially through a healthy diet. The new version with an important functionality was recently released. Thus, DAHNA evaluates the profile of each user and estimates the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke, offering the solution of a personalized diet for cardiometabolic health. The estimation of the degree of risk (SCORE-OP, Framingham score) is designed in accordance with the recommendations of cardiology experts and prestigious international societies such as the European Society of Cardiology, the European Association of Preventive Cardiology, the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association.

The development of this functionality was also supported by the Genesis Property company, one of the most important class A office developers in Romania, as part of the strategic mission to protect people’s health.

In Romania, a person dies every 4 minutes due to cardiovascular diseases, a statistic 3 times higher than the average in the European Union. An unhealthy diet is responsible for almost half of cardiovascular diseases, and the DAHNA mobile app aims to reduce the risks of these diseases through a personalized cardiometabolic diet. In the context where many Romanians suffer from cardiovascular diseases due to unhealthy diets, Dahna’s mission is to contribute to limiting the incidence and support people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Dahna works as a personal assistant that takes care of people’s health by providing them with a simple solution, accessible directly on their mobile phone, for a diet specially designed for heart health.

How does the Dahna app work?

The application configures, in less than 5 minutes, menus according to the user’s cardiometabolic profile and provides recipes for their preparation, along with the shopping list with all the necessary ingredients and quantities. DAHNA is based on the expertise of cardiologists and nutritionists and has already attracted a community of over 26,000 users on the Android and iOS platforms.

Within the app, users enter their personal data to create a cardiometabolic profile and learn their heart health risks. They are receiving recommendations according to the Medical Guidelines to improve their risk rating. At the same time, daily therapeutic food plans are assigned, depending on the degree of risk. Along with following the food plans and a periodic reassessment every 6 months of the profile, the application tracks the progress of the degree of risk of developing a cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years, but also the progress of the parameters that are the basis for calculating this risk such as blood pressure, cholesterol total or HDL, LDL cholesterol.

Soon the app will connect the user to the local store to find the best deals for the grocery list or menus and receive the ordered menus at home or wherever needed. This smart tool offers a personal healthy eating coach to connect medical advice and expertise with retailers’ food offerings through a pleasant shopping experience.

Traditional cardiovascular risk factors can predict who will develop coronary heart disease as accurately as a sophisticated genetic test, a study finds. If you haven’t downloaded the free Dahna app yet, you can do so now. If you don’t have access to a genetic test, you now have free access to the Dahna app. You can download it for free from AppStore or Google Play.

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