SanoPass, an innovative solution on the medical subscription market

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When we talk about a strong health system we automatically talk about the prevention area, an area that must be a priority of a state that wants to be called a developed state.

The development of the health system, at least declaratively, is a priority for Romania as well. Who could challenge the benefits of both monetary order, through investments made by suppliers, but also those in social terms, by ensuring a better quality of life?

Technological and economic development which cannot generate a better quality of life cannot be considered progress no matter how much economic growth involves.

For a better quality of life, an important step is the development of an alternative medical system based on medical subscriptions because it obviously determines a reduction of the burden imposed on the public health system, especially by:

  • increasing the level of medical education, with an emphasis on prevention;
  • increasing the general health level of the population, especially the active one, which can ensure the treatment of most diseases through the possibility of the subscriber to access basic medical services included unconditionally in health subscriptions.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle through: Medical Prevention, Sports and Nutrition in a single portal/ platform, a unique business model in Europe, is what SanoPass achieves. The meaning of “Wellbeing” is also defined by a series of programs that improve the health and well-being of employees and is not limited to activities performed during the program.

The SanoPass platform is an innovative, simple and fast alternative to classic medical subscriptions that offer freedom of use in the most varied network of independent clinics and private medical practices. The medical subscription is a deductible and tax-exempt extra-salary benefit that companies offer to their employees in order to maintain their loyalty and reduce absenteeism. All these characteristics make the medical subscription the most convenient extra-salary benefit in Romania.

The SanoPass study, conducted on 504 companies in Romania before this concept was born, studied the market of extra-salary benefits and the level of employees digitalization. This is how they found out that the most accessed extra-salary benefits in Romania are meal vouchers (fixed benefits) with over 2.5 million users and medical subscriptions (flexible benefits) with 1.6 million users.

The share of companies offering flexible benefits increased from 5% in 2010 to 15% in 2019, and the flexible benefits reached 7% of the employees total income.

When it comes to health, Romanians spend the least in Europe, less than 3% of their income. Given that the need for food is met through meal vouchers and extra expenses, SanoPass has identified great growth potential in the area of ​​health and well-being (the second category of needs in Maslow’s Pyramid).

In Romania, the medical subscriptions market consists of 1.6 million subscribers, increasing by 15% every year. Palmed estimates that the medical subscription market will grow to 2.1 million subscribers by the end of 2021.

So, an innovative solution in this sector can only be helpful.

How does SanoPass work?

SanoPass connects companies, employees and clinics creating an ecosystem in which everyone has advantages, the main steps being:

  • The company offers employees SanoPass subscriptions;
  • The employee creates an account in the SanoPass application;
  • Choose the clinic where you want to be medically evaluated;
  • Validate the visit by scanning the QR code;
  • Benefit from the requested medical services;
  • Receive the medical report or the results in the application.

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