Romanian innovation – the device that listens and speaks with your heart wherever you are

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The Romanian startup CardioMedive has developed an innovative telemedicine device for remote examination and monitoring of patients. This device is intended to be a very useful tool in the current context of COVID-19.

3 years ago, CardioMedive began the development from scratch of a complete medical consultation and monitoring system, consisting of a wireless, portable medical device, which applied to a patient’s chest, can continuously measure a complete set of physiological parameters. and vital. Most devices on the market measure only a limited set of parameters.

The portable device accurately measures the ECG, heart rate and its variability, blood oxygenation (SpO2), respiratory rate, blood pressure and its trend, body temperature, activity and body posture. In this way, continuous monitoring and analysis of important vital signs can be performed, allowing the early detection of medical emergencies.

The solution helps a number of widespread needs, such as the care of the chronically ill (especially the elderly and those who are overweight), the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, pregnancy monitoring, monitoring of patients during hospitalization and post-hospitalization, care. medical and immediate consultation 24/7 at home.

A great advantage of the device, especially in the current context, is that it involves zero contact between the patient and the doctor, thus preventing the risk of infection of medical staff. At the same time, with the disappearance of the need for the doctor or patient to go home to the hospital, the number of consultations that can be performed in the same period of time increases substantially.

Proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms are used to analyze the collected data and interpret it. For a real-time feedback on the evolution of the patient’s condition, the device also has a panic button for the situation of sudden deterioration of his health, the solution having the possibility of exact location of the patient.

At the moment, the team consists of engineers, doctors and specialists who work intensively to complete the clinical tests in the partner hospitals and launch the product on the market as soon as possible.

We are proud that we will start a beautiful collaboration with this innovative startup, especially since we have a common interest – cardiovascular prevention. Prevention is an extremely important differentiator, because health is not just the absence of disease. When it comes time to evaluate yourself medically, check your heart function, eat right and start doing physical activity, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow”.

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