Lose weight without counting calories and without being hungry with the Dahna app

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If you have tried at least once in your life any diet and the kilograms have returned to “unhealthy”, then you must have this free application on your phone, because it is the new way to get rid of the extra kilograms and keep them away without dieting. And, in addition, you will have a healthy heart.

We have brought together in the Dahna application both the expertise of cardiologists and nutritionists, as well as new, evidence-based strategies that allow you to customize a healthy plan for weight loss, as well as your daily diet.

While many weight loss programs that you need to follow rigorously focus on low-fat or low-carb diets or even so-called “miracle foods,” the Dahna app gives you a personalized diet plan that you can use it in the long run and achieve your goals.

Thus, we offer you the opportunity to choose from dozens of daily menus created with medical expertise, which contain tasty and nutritious food, so that you never feel like you are on a diet. And this after we have implemented food awareness strategies to reduce hunger and excessive food consumption.

Everything related to your daily diet can be found in the Dahna application:

  • Dahna breakfast quick and easy to prepare, rich in protein, fiber and healthy carbohydrates.
  • Delicious snacks to keep your appetite under control.
  • quick and healthy lunches, whose cooking time is no longer than 30 minutes and which keep you full all afternoon.
  • quick dinner in ten minutes with flavors and combinations you wouldn’t have thought of.
  • how to easily and quickly prepare menus or recipes without giving up the tastes and flavors you like.

Also, on the Dahna blog you will find dozens of articles based only on medical expertise and clinical or observational studies about:

  • simple tricks that teach you to say “no” to cravings and save hundreds of calories, strategies to control your hunger between meals by stimulating the taste.
  • how to include in your diet more fiber that helps control weight.
  • how to protect your gut from bacteria that lead to obesity.
  • Surprisingly high protein foods for fighting hunger.
  • how to quickly identify hidden sugars in the diet, which can lead to obesity and diabetes.
  • small changes that can make a big difference in your health and weight.
  • many articles about eating behaviors and lifestyle changes.
  • clever tricks to stop food cravings.
  • smart strategies to eat in the city and control your weight.
  • how to sleep better and stay healthy, simple ways to consume (“burn”) 150 calories or how to resist the desire to indulge in sweet foods.

Download now the free Dahna app from the AppStore or Google Play and let the cardiologists and nutritionists guide you correctly and efficiently to reduce and maintain weight, but also to have a healthy heart.

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