The application helps users monitor and improve their cardiovascular health through multiple features. Users can input their personal data, including weight, age, and health biomarkers, and the application will create a personalized cardiometabolic profile and display their risk level of developing a cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years. The application provides personalized recommendations for improving health, such as personalized meal plans based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet and recommended physical activity. Users can monitor their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels and can track their progress over time through periodic evaluations of their cardiometabolic profile. Therefore, the application helps users monitor and improve their cardiovascular health through a personalized plan and constant monitoring of key health parameters.

The Pro 1.0 version of the Dahna application has the Weight Goal functionality in the Cardioscience Recommendations section. If there are extra pounds, then the solution is Dahna. Soon you will feel that what was once an effort is now simple and automatic, with rewards. You download it on your phone, set a MAXIMUM GOAL of 5 kg in your profile, establish the level of moderate physical activity, and Start! The application will offer you personalized menus so that you can reach your weight goal but also remember to engage in daily moderate physical activity. After losing the first 5 kg, you can repeat the process for another 5 kg.

The application uses the personal data of users, such as country, gender, age, weight, and health biomarker values, to create a personalized cardiometabolic profile. Based on this profile, the application generates personalized daily menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner using its proprietary algorithm, which are tailored to the user’s needs and preferences.

These menus and recipes are built on the principles of the Mediterranean diet and are approved by a nutritionist, based on medical recommendations for daily macronutrients, but especially on the micronutrients that are scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular health and act specifically to reduce and control risk factors for heart disease, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

Therefore, personalized menus are designed to provide users with all the necessary nutrients for a healthy heart, depending on their individual cardiovascular health and dietary needs.

Yes, the application provides educational resources for learning about cardiovascular health. Users can receive in-app notifications with updated information and results of the latest studies on heart health, among other things. This information is designed by the application’s medical experts and presented in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner for users. Therefore, users can obtain valuable information about heart health and improve their cardiovascular health through this application.

It is important to mention that users must provide consent to receive notifications through the application. This is an option that users can activate or deactivate according to their preferences. Thus, those who are interested in receiving notifications with educational resources for cardiovascular health or results of the latest medical studies can activate this functionality to benefit from this useful information.

Using the application provides users with access to the Dahna Club rewards program, which comes with numerous benefits. As users use the application, they earn points and healthy life minutes, which can be used to obtain benefits from our partners. These benefits include access to medical offices, laboratories, and fitness centers at preferential prices. In addition, the Dahna Club rewards program offers users the opportunity to obtain additional benefits, such as nutritional counseling and coaching sessions for a healthy lifestyle.

Our differentiator compared to other similar applications is our proprietary algorithm for generating personalized menus, which is adapted to improve heart health and reduce the risk of cardiometabolic diseases. Through this personalized feature, users receive recommendations and meal plans tailored to their individual needs, directly acting to improve cardiometabolic health parameters.

In addition to its unique algorithm for creating personalized menus, another important differentiation of our application is the use of the quantity and type of micronutrients, which are proven by the latest medical studies to contribute to cardiovascular health. There is no other application of this kind that offers this unique combination of features and benefits.

Our application provides excellent support for questions and issues with its use. To assist our users, we have created a Q&A section with a comprehensive approach. We also have dedicated personnel who respond to phone and email inquiries. Our users can contact us at phone number 0040 723189104 or email us at We encourage users to use the phone method as it is the most efficient way to receive support and resolve issues with the application.

Our application takes the protection of users’ personal data very seriously and implements a series of security measures to ensure their confidentiality and integrity. These measures include: encrypting personal and health data during their transaction between server and user device, two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts, implementing an activity monitoring system to detect any unauthorized access attempts, and securing databases using backup and data recovery techniques in case of loss or corruption. In addition, all of our employees are trained to comply with strict data security and confidentiality standards and sign confidentiality agreements to ensure the protection of users’ personal information.

Also, the application uses multi-factor authentication to protect users’ personal data, which includes SMS authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the user’s account.

Users’ medical information is stored in a secure environment and is only accessible by the user and authorized medical professionals who work with the application. The data is encrypted and transmitted through secure channels, and access to it is protected by multi-factor authentication. In addition, we comply with GDPR standards and other data privacy laws to protect users’ personal information.

If users want to delete or close their account, they can access the “Delete account” functionality available in the “My account” section of the application. Before confirming the deletion of the account, users will be warned about the effects of this action on their personal data and medical history associated with their account. Additionally, our team is prepared to provide assistance and support in case users encounter difficulties or have questions related to this procedure. Our data management policies and procedures comply with GDPR standards and aim to protect users’ personal data.

To update the application, users need to access the app store on their device and search for available updates for our application. During the update process, user data is kept safe and is not affected. However, it is important to mention that in the case of major updates to the application that require significant modifications to the database, it may be necessary for users to re-authenticate or reconfigure their account.

In the Dahna app, there is a filter that allows users to select menus suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets. To use this filter, users need to access the Menus section and press the Filter button, then select the Vegetarian Menu option and apply the filter. This feature allows users to customize menus according to their dietary preferences and needs, thus providing them with a personalized and suitable experience for their diet.

Dahna Basic is the free version of the application, which offers limited functionality to users. On the other hand, there is a premium version, Dahna Pro 1.0, which offers users all the functionalities of the application. This version can be purchased on a monthly or annual payment plan, and the price may vary depending on the country and local currency. It is important to note that the user must be connected to the internet to use the application in both versions.

We aim to offer our users the best personalized services, and in the near future, we will be adding this functionality that will allow users to adjust their personalized menus based on individual food preferences. We will inform our users when this functionality becomes available.

Our application is based on a combination of sources of medical research, including the European Society of Cardiology’s Prevention Guidelines for Cardiovascular Disease, the Clinician’s Guide to a Healthy Diet in Preventing Cardiovascular Disease, the Diabetes Management Guide, the Healthy Eating Guide issued by the Romanian Nutrition Society, as well as numerous medical articles, analyses, and meta-analyses. Additionally, the American Heart Association’s (AHA) recommendations are also taken into consideration, including the AHA Primary Prevention Guideline for Cardiovascular Disease, 2019.

Our app is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems. Users can download and install the app from Google Play Store or App Store and Huawei and use it on their devices without any issues. It is important to mention that in order to use the app, users need to have a stable internet connection.

Currently, it is not possible to synchronize physical activity data with our application. However, we are working on Dahna Pro 2.0, which will be released in October 2023 and will include this functionality. Users will be able to sync their physical activity data with the application and track their progress in this area.

Yes, personalized recommendations in the application can be updated based on changes in lifestyle or personal data. These recommendations are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of users, and personal data is regularly updated to ensure the best experience and optimal results. Users are encouraged to regularly update their profile and monitor their progress to fully benefit from the application’s features.

Users can obtain the benefits offered by Dahna partners by using the bonus points accumulated in the app by following a few simple steps. First, the user needs to access the “Benefits” section of the app and view the available options. Next, the user can choose the desired benefit and will receive a promotional code, which can be used to enjoy offers and discounts at participating Dahna partners.

Our app can help users maintain their motivation and continue to improve their long-term health through various functionalities such as personalized periodic notifications that remind users of their set goals and progress, the ability to track their cardiometabolic health parameters and visualize progress in an interactive way, access to educational resources that help them understand the benefits of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, and last but not least, benefits offered by our partners through the use of bonus points accumulated in the app.

Currently, our app cannot be used along with other apps or devices to monitor health status, but we will add this functionality in our upcoming version, Dahna Pro 2.0, which will be released in October 2023.

Dahna app does not yet have a web version available for users, but the team is considering the possibility of developing such a version based on users’ requirements. Most users access the app on mobile devices, but a web version could be useful for some users who prefer to use the app on desktop or laptop.

There are several ways in which we can and will improve the user experience in using and functionality of our application:

  • User feedback: We always want to know how we can improve our application, so we can integrate user feedback and add new features or optimize existing ones.
  • Personalized menus: Currently, personalized menus are created for heart health, but we will consider adding options for other health issues, such as diabetes or digestive problems.
  • Constant updates: We will continue to work on improving and developing the application, by adding new functions and optimizing existing ones. These updates will be available to users through app stores.
  • Technical support and guidance: We will continue to provide technical support and guidance to our users, to ensure an optimal user experience of the application.
  • Integration with other applications and devices: We will consider integrating our application with other health monitoring devices and applications, to offer a more complete and personalized experience to our users.

These are just a few ways to improve the user experience in using and functionality of our application. We are always open to suggestions and user feedback is very important to us.

Yes, there is a partnership program available for users who want to promote our app. Our partnership program is based on a commission system, where our partners can earn a portion of the revenue generated by users who download and use the app through their personalized affiliate links. We also offer marketing resources, including banners and promotional materials to help our partners successfully promote their affiliate link. Through our partnership program, we aim to encourage collaboration with influencers, bloggers, doctors, personal trainers, and other individuals who are passionate about cardiovascular health and want to promote a healthy lifestyle.

To ensure the confidentiality of users’ personal and medical data, our application uses security protocols such as SSL and AES-256 encryption to protect data in transit and at rest. Data is stored in secure databases, with access restricted only to authorized personnel, and is managed in accordance with legal standards for personal data protection. Additionally, our application provides two-factor authentication and includes an option to delete the account to give users control over their personal and medical data.

In the event of a security breach or cyber attack, we have implemented security measures to protect user data. These measures include encrypting personal and medical data, regularly backing up data, and constantly monitoring activity in the application to detect and prevent any suspicious activity. Additionally, we collaborate with cybersecurity experts to ensure that we implement the best security practices and technologies to protect our users’ data. In the event of a security breach or cyber attack, we will immediately notify users and take necessary steps to remedy the situation and prevent any data loss.

To protect the confidentiality and security of user data, our Dahna application complies with GDPR rules and national data protection legislation. In the Terms and Conditions section of our application, it is clearly stated that we will not use user data for commercial or advertising purposes without their consent. In addition, all information collected for medical research will be anonymized to protect the privacy of users.

Furthermore, we do not offer user data to third parties for commercial or advertising purposes without their explicit consent. If the user agrees to receive commercial or advertising communications, their data will be used only for this purpose and will not be disclosed to third parties without their consent. It is important to note that, in case the user does not agree to such communications, all communicated information will be anonymized to protect their privacy. Thus, we ensure that the personal and medical data of our users are protected and not misused for commercial or advertising purposes without their consent.

The accuracy of the data collected and processed by the application is ensured through the use of high-quality algorithms and constant data verification by our medical and technical teams. We also encourage users to input their data carefully and to regularly check the information entered in the application to ensure its correctness. Additionally, we are committed to continuously improving the application and relying on the latest medical research and discoveries to ensure that the collected and processed data is as accurate and useful as possible.

For the monetized version of the Dahna application, users benefit from a free trial period of 7 days and have the option to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. In the case of a monthly subscription, users can stop paying for the application starting from the following month. In these circumstances, there is no refund policy, but users can request assistance through customer support in case they encounter issues with using the application.

Currently, in the Dahna Basic version, the use of the application is free, while in the monetized version Dahna Pro 1.0, users have the option to purchase a monthly or annual subscription to access all the features and benefits offered by the application. In the future, a new version called Dahna Pro 2.0 will be launched, which will include new features and functionalities, and the cost of the subscription will be established and clearly communicated on the launch date of this version. The available payment options will be specified in the application.

There is no explicit limitation on the number of users or the volume of data processed by the application. However, there may be technical or performance limits that may limit the application’s ability to process a large amount of data or to handle a large number of users simultaneously.

No, the app can be used in any country or region, provided that the user has access to the internet. It should be noted that the level of cardiovascular disease risk is calculated based on the user’s country, using specific formulas and algorithms for each country. Therefore, a personalized and accurate evaluation of the risk of cardiovascular diseases can be obtained, taking into account the demographic, geographic, and socio-economic characteristics of each country.Top of Form

To ensure the protection of user data in the case of a cross-border data transfer, we comply with all laws and regulations regarding data protection and only use partners who commit to complying with these laws and regulations. Additionally, we ensure that these partners have adequate security measures in place to protect the data during the transfer and that data security is our top priority in such situations.