Elevated blood sugar can trigger more serious changes in people infected with the new

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As COVID-19 continues to cause headaches around the world, researchers are increasingly studying how the virus produces reactions in the body, especially for those with pre-existing chronic disease.

Preliminary observations on the evolution of patients with diabetes affected by COVID-19 have inspired an algorithm for glucose monitoring, which helps to combat serious complications of the virus.

A team of medical researchers in Michigan analyzed the evolution of 200 patients with COVID-19 and severe hyperglycemia to find out more about why high blood sugar levels can trigger complications in people infected with the new coronavirus.

The main authors invoked the inflammatory nature of diabetes and hyperglycemia, which promotes inflammatory overload, resulting in insulin resistance and severe hyperglycemia.

“During the inflammatory process, the body triggers an abnormal immune response that, instead of attacking only the virus, affects the rest of the body’s healthy cells and tissues, leading to rapid deterioration of health,” say the researchers.

Specifically, these patients have an increased risk of mechanical ventilation, renal failure and require medication to support normal blood pressure and to combat acute respiratory distress syndrome. Recent studies have already shown that there is a correlation between well-controlled blood sugar and lower levels of inflammatory markers.

A glycemia kept under control by a balanced diet, regular checking of the glycemic value and consulting a specialist if there are problems is imperative. Diabetes prevention is done throughout life through a balanced diet, starting in childhood, and the Dahna application can help you successfully in this regard!

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