Reebo, the first romanian 3D food printer designed to work in a vending machine system

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Technology is evolving with the speed of light, but no matter what the future holds, food is vital to humanity.

Manna Foods Solutions is a start-up in the food tech field whose objective is to develop food innovations that can be applied globally, in the context of the continuous growth of the world’s population and the dynamic world change.

Tomorrow’s food will not be the same as today’s due to the ability of machinery to deliver goods quickly, economically, making them extremely convenient for people, regardless of the environment in which they are located.

From flying cars to emotional robots, everything will be at the touch of a button.

In this picture of the future we included the Reebo project developed by Manna Foods Solutions.

Reebo is the first 3D food printer designed to work in a vending machine system.

Futuristic Vending Machine

Print ready-to-eat cakes and sandwiches, personalized and calorically controlled by the consumer, in less than 2 minutes.

It’s not about conventional food, it’s about exploring new food options that weren’t possible until now. They respond to changes and challenges of global population growth, the need for quality food and the emergence of innovative technologies.

The story behind Reebo is only in the first chapter. It started rather with a vision, a vision of what the food of the future will look like in the global context of rapid technological development, global population growth and the need for sustainability. Not because they are trending topics, but because humanity needs solutions that allow easy access to healthy, safe food and customized products according to nutritional needs.

3D technology can revolutionize the food industry of the 21st century. It has managed to do so in the automotive, aeronautical, medical and even clothing industries, and it is only in its infancy.

Reebo is the first 3D food printer designed to work in a vending machine system, hence the possibilities are countless technologically speaking because this system allows multiple heads of food storage (over 10 compared to 2-3 as 3D food printers have on the market today), large capacity of cartridges (2-4 kg compared to 2-300 ml) and ready-to-eat food (no longer requires cooking).


Manna Foods Solutions comes for the first time with a concept of 3D food printer that dramatically revolutionizes the field of food printers. Reebo manages to beat any competition in terms of the numbers of food deposition heads, the time in which it does this and opens a real market for this type of product.

To these are added the large capacity of the cartridges with food consumables, their automatic exchange, as well as the high degree of hygiene. And from a social point of view, there is a strong impact, but this topic probably involves the need for another article.

The second stage of the Reebo project involves the realization of the industrializable prototype and the design of the manufacturing line. We can’t wait to present the prototype!

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