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Most of the products consumed in cities come from supermarkets, which in turn come from thousands of kilometers away and – as a famous advertisement says – are “designed to last”. That’s all. Taste is something that most of us remember only vaguely from childhood, and their nutritional properties are lost, because they are harvested before they can fully develop.

At the same time, we see news about local producers who have too many unsold products, and most sales are made through intermediaries, according to the principle “buy cheap and sell expensive”. These practices are a disadvantage both to the producer, who receives a ridiculous price for his work, but also for the buyer, for whom the cost increases.

AgriHub brings together local producers for home deliveries, consisting of some of the freshest and tastiest products available.


AgriHub solution

“We wanted to change things and propose a fair and sustainable system. The shorter the journey from the garden to the kitchen, the more can people benefit. If the rural and the urban come together, they can create a community that provides the citizen with healthy food, the farmer with safety and the ability to increase production and, of course, a cleaner environment, by shortening the distribution chain. That’s why we created a solution for small producers to send their fresh products directly to the homes of Bucharest residents. We called it AgriHub”, the co-founders told Dahna.

AgriHub establishes a direct connection between the buyer and the manufacturer. Because going to market is no longer a habit now, all orders are delivered directly to your home.

On the official AgriHub site you can find products from 5 manufacturers from around Bucharest. Orders are being sent directly to them, and they send the packages in the shortest time possible.

You will see that the products are organized in special packages. Delivery of larger quantities is advantageous, because of the low shipping costs and sometimes even free shipping. The boxes contain various seasonal products, grown naturally. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially those produced locally, are as fresh as possible, most of them picked on the day of delivery, full of nutrients and taste.

Most boxes are designed to cover the specific needs of a family: soups, salads, breakfast smoothies and honey, as an excellent substitute for sugar.

Through this platform, the consumption of local fruits and vegetables is encouraged, which have an extraordinary, authentic quality and taste. Let’s grow a rural-urban community, from which both sides can benefit!

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