Lifestyle and life expectancy

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The life expectancy of a person at 50 is all the greater as they respect the principles of a healthy lifestyle: Mediterranean diet, abstention from smoking, moderate physical activity and maintaining ideal weight (BMI body mass index Under 25)

For example, the healthy life expectancy of a person who has never smoked is 15 years older than that of a person who has been smoking for over 25 years. Life expectancy increases in proportion to the number of days of moderate physical activity.

For A BMI exceeding 25 life expectancy decreases progressively with the degree of overcoming this threshold. This mention is especially for those who believe that BMI is not a criteria to be considered because you can have an increased BMI but not by accumulation of fat but by increasing muscle mass (going to the gym, bodybuilding). What is watching is that a person is programmed to function ideally between certain ideal parameters (just like a car).

The fact that someone has a highly developed muscle mass does not mean that excess weight thus obtained is healthier. Increased muscle mass must be maintained through an effort of internal organs. Which is why recommended sports are primarily aerobic (running, swimming, cycling) and less weights lifting

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