Do you know how much coffee your body needs?

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“If your body tells you not to drink an extra cup of coffee, there’s probably a good reason.

Listen to your body, it knows better than you might think, what is best for your health ”.

Whether you want a strong dose of caffeine  or you like a cappuccino with frothy milk, your daily dose of coffee can tell you more about your cardio health than you think. In a new study of 390,435 people, researchers at the University of South Australia found causal genetic evidence that cardio health – reflected in blood pressure and heart rate – influences coffee consumption .

Conducted in partnership with SAHMRI, the team found that people with high blood pressure, angina and arrhythmia are more likely to drink less coffee, decaffeinated coffee or avoid coffee altogether compared to those without such symptoms and that this is based on on genetics.

A senior researcher and director of the Australian Center for Precision Health at UniSA, Professor Elina Hyppönen says it is a positive finding that our genetics actively regulate the amount of coffee we drink and protect us from excessive consumption.

“People drink coffee for all sorts of reasons – when they feel tired, because it tastes good or simply because it’s part of their daily routine,” says Prof. Hyppönen.

“But what we don’t recognize is that people unconsciously self-regulate their safe caffeine levels depending on how high their blood pressure is, and that’s probably the result of a genetic protection mechanism.

“What this means is that someone who drinks a lot of coffee is probably more genetically tolerant to caffeine, compared to someone who drinks very little.

Conversely, a coffee-free drinker or someone who drinks decaffeinated coffee is more likely to be prone to the side effects of caffeine and is more susceptible to high blood pressure.

In Australia, one in four men and one in five women suffer from high blood pressure , which is a  risk factor for many chronic health conditions,  including stroke, heart failure and chronic kidney disease.

Using data from the UK Biobank, the researchers examined the regular coffee consumption of 390,435 people, comparing this with baseline systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels and baseline heart rate.

Prof. Hyppönen says that the  amount of coffee we drink is probably an indicator of our cardio health . it protects our cardio health. ”says Prof. Hyppönen

Whatever your reason: routine, pleasant taste, the joy of seeing a loved one or the need for extra energy, before consuming an extra coffee, listen to your body carefully!

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