Did you know that 80 grams of avocado provides you with 360 mg of potassium?

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Eating an avocado a day is good for your health, especially for what a healthy diet means for your heart.

In fact, researchers found that avocado CPC  may protect the heart  in a way similar as olive oil and nuts in  the Mediterranean diet is heart-healthy.  A 2018 analysis of 10 studies found an increase in HDL (protective cholesterol) in people who consumed an average of 1 to 3.7 avocados per day. Avocados  also has a high content of mono-unsaturated fats, fiber and potassium  – all of which are associated with and ănătatea cardiovascular disease. In addition to improving heart health by impacting cholesterol levels, new research indicates that avocado can further improve heart health by impacting the intestinal biome.

Benefits them  nutrition  of an avocado  80 grams:

152Kcal / 627KJ

5g protein

6g fat

5g carbohydrates

6g fiber

360mg potassium

56mg Vit E

What are the top 5 health benefits of  eating  avocados?


  1. Avocado is nutritionally rich

Avocado site was praised as an example of the daily food consumed nutrient density, an excellent source of fat mono we saturated and vitamin E and is a good source of folic acid . It also provides more  soluble fiber  than other fruits and contains a number of  useful minerals, including iron, copper and potassium.


  1. It can support heart health

Avocado has a  high fat content ,  60%  of which is monounsaturated fat, which suggests that it helps protect against heart disease and lower blood pressure. They are also an excellent source of potassium, folate and fiber, a real  benefit u for the  heart and cardiovascular system.


  1. It can help lower cholesterol

Avocado oils include oleic acid and linoleic acid , these unsaturated fats are recommended as part of a balanced diet to help manage cholesterol.


  1. It can help regulate appetite

There is no doubt that the calorie content of avocado is higher than other fruits and vegetables. However, an interesting study showed that the fat and fiber content of avocado leads to feelings of satiety  that help regulate appetite.


  1. It can help keep your eyes healthy

In addition to the benefits presented above, avocado is a rich source  of protective  vitamin E , as well as carotene, including lutein and zeaxanthin,  which are believed to help maintain healthy eyes.


Is Avocado Consumption Safe for Everyone?

Some sensitive people may be allergic to avocados. This includes an oral allergy that can be triggered by a cross-reaction to birch pollen. A less common allergic response may occur if you have a latex allergy – if this is relevant to you, consult your family doctor for guidance.


Avocados, along with fruits, including apples, peaches, raspberries and blueberries, contain natural chemicals called  salicylates . Some  people are sensitive to these compounds and may experience an allergic reaction, including rashes and swelling.

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