This document establishes the ‘Terms and conditions’ under which you can use the application Dahna. The use of this application, logging in and accessing the offered services require accepting these terms and conditions, including all the consequences that may arise from accepting them. The OWNER reserves the right to modify the current terms and conditions at any time.

The Dahna (Diet According to the Healthy Nutritional Approach) application is created and belongs with all the copyright rights to CARDIOSCIENCE SRL, with headquarters in Bucharest, Hatmanul Arbore Street, No. 15-19, Office No. 4, 2nd floor, Ap. 209, Sector 1. Unique code of registration: 38882485. Registry of commerce: J40/2293/2018, represented by Daniela Nicoleta Tatu – Chițoiu, phone number: 0723189104, email:, moving forward CARDIOSCIENCE SRL will be reffered to as OWNER

The terms used in the current contract will have the following meanings:

Dahna (Diet according to the healthy nutritional approach) is a software, which includes the graphical interface, over which SC CARDIOSCIENCE holds all the author rights, designed to be run on a mobile computing equipment of smartphone type, and which is distributed by the OWNER, depending on its own business policies, through online stores (App Store, Google Play, Amazon), through the internet page (The Site). By accessing and downloading the Dahna application, legal accounts may be made between the Owner and users under which the user may generate an order for the acquirement of the application, respecting the terms and conditions of the current contract.

User – any person who owns and uses a smartphone

Client – represents the user as physical or legal person who purchases Dahna.

Partner – refers to any professional or society that runs commercial activities and that finalised a contract with the OWNER

The OWNER has the author rights and all other intellectual property rights regarding the application Dahna, including the content of Dahna and/or the computer programs associated, and Partners and Clients will not dispute or contest, directly or indirectly, during the contractual relationship and after the end of the Contract, any of these rights or their validity.

The information about diet and nutrition included in the application Dahna is documented from Guides of nutrition and articles. This information presented in a way that is accessible to any user is a recommendation and not obligatory. The application is meant to also be an instrument of educating the population and raising awareness about adopting a healthy lifestyle by using the Mediterranean diet.

In this process personal data of the users (user name, email address) will not be used or processed in any way.

Dahna is an original application dedicated to adopting a healthy lifestyle by offering a professional, fast and efficient way of creating menus of the Mediterranean diet type, unanimously recommended by medicine professionals as being the ideal diet. Dahna allows a fast selection from 150 daily menus and 200 varied recipes which respect the principles of the Mediterranean diet. The maximum time of preparation of a recipe is 30 minutes. The menus are automatically personalised based on the physical characteristics of the user (age, sex, height, weight, physical activity) and on their culinary preferences. Once the menus are established, the application quickly generates the list of ingredients as well as the necessary quantities. Once the list is finalised, it can be used for the fast and targeted acquiring of the ingredients from the nearest supermarket. In short, Dahna is a friendly application which can significantly contribute to the improvement of the health status of the population by adopting a healthy diet, strongly recommended by professionals as being effective in preventing cardiovascular disease. The information in this application is recommended and not obligatory. For special medical cases we advise consulting a nutrition specialist.

The purchase of a smartphone with a functional operating system which also includes an internet browser, of the required licenses as well as ensuring an INTERNET connection are the exclusive responsibility of the Client.

Minimum technical requirements

The application Dahna can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone with Android or iOS operating systems, from the dedicated stores Play Store – for Android, iTunes – for iOS respectively.

The operating systems and internet browsers can behave differently depending on factors that relate to their differentiation, and the OWNER does not guarantee the complete functionality, there can sometimes appear malfunctions that the owner will try to remedy as much as possible. The Client will be informed of these situations through the communication channel that the OWNER has available.

The OWNER has no responsibility regarding the possible errors that may arise in using the application Dahna which are the result of a malfunction, error or not respecting the legal statements/rules that regulate the use of services, in general and of telecommunication services, in particular.

Accessing the application Dahna

The access of the user to the application is made by the authentication method available in the application, as it appears in the dedicated shops Play Store – for Android, iTunes – for iOS respectively. There are 2 versions offered for download: the paid version with the price displayed in the online store, and the free version with ads assigned by Google. The assignment of ads in the free version is not made by the OWNER, but by Google.

The addressed permissions are obligatory requirements demanded by the operating system, and the OWNER does not assume responsibility for the unpermitted, incompatible with the above-mentioned purpose, abusive or illegal use of the mentioned data, the user declaring that they exonerate the OWNER from any such responsibility by downloading the application and expressing agreement to accessing the data mentioned above.

Communication/collection of data and privacy

The OWNER assumes ensuring the functionality of the application according to the conditions of use, without affecting the privacy of the data and identity of the person.

The Client assumes the responsibility for divulgation of their identification data to other persons.

By downloading the Dahna application and accepting the ‘Terms and Conditions’, the User becomes Client and agrees to receiving communication of any type from Dahna. Notification-type communications can be disabled from the phone settings. The communications that are essential and necessary for the good progress of the contractual relation can not be unsubscribed from and are suspended only when the contractual relation is finished.

At the moment of registration as Client, Dahna collects a series of minimal data that are necessary for logging in the application. This data will never be offered to third parties, under no reason, without the agreement of the Client. Exception to this are the commercial partners strictly necessary for the good progress of the contract: for example payment processors, partners that guarantee that this data is secure and undisclosed to third parties.

From time to time, Dahna will be able to send questionnaires and surveys with the purpose of improving functionalities of the application. The completion of these by the Client will be voluntary and anonymised, and the submitted data will be subject to the same privacy policy: it will not be revealed to third parties under any reason.

In the case that Dahna considers that the Client/PARTNER do not respect these ‘Terms and Conditions’, it will be able to terminate the commercial/legal relation without further notice. Dahna doesn’t assume any responsibility for the content and offers of the web pages that are not owned by it, to which links from the site may direct or for the contents published on the Site by Clients (for example reviews, various comments etc.)

This document – ‘Terms and Conditions’ is subject to Romanian legislation. Litigations that may arise between Dahna Clients and Partners will be resolved in a friendly manner, or in the case in which this is not possible, litigations will be resolved by the legal courts in Bucharest

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